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Why is getting the right care after a brain injury important?

A brain injury can have a big impact on a range of functions, depending on how severe it is and which areas are affected.

According to new research from Lancet Neurology, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which are caused by physical trauma, affect around 55 million people per year throughout the world.

Whilst the majority of these brain injuries were noted as mild, even small brain injuries can have devastating effects.

The brain is very complex so, naturally, brain injuries are as well. The possible effects include physical difficulties (such as issues with mobility), as well as mental and emotional symptoms.

No two cases are the same, which makes getting access to the right treatment so important.

The impacts of brain injuries can be long-lasting, so getting the right support in place is vital for regaining independence and maintaining a good quality of life.

However, the research from Lancet Neurology revealed that 50 per cent of TBI patients do not fully recover within six months of the injury.

How can Almond Care help?

As a brain care agency, we are well-equipped to provide the high-quality care that individuals need.

We build a bespoke complex care package that suits the individual, to ensure that their needs are met and the care matches their lifestyle.

Our expert staff are trained in providing the best possible care to improve an individual’s quality of life and are reactive to any emotional or behavioural challenges that may arise.

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