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Our tailor-made packages of nurse-led complex care in the home for adults and children don’t stop at meeting our clients’ clinical needs.

We handpick dedicated care teams to help each of our clients live life to the full by helping them maximise their independence.

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At the heart of our complex care at home services are our three key principles.

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The increasing number of children with Education, Health, and Care Plans (EHCPs) is a positive step forward in recognising and

Jon* – helping our client with Motor Neurone Disease to return to his family home

The team have been nothing short of fantastic. They have not only enabled Jon to return home, but they have also relieved me of the constant worry of caring for my husband. I can now go to work or take a few hours out, safe in the knowledge that Jon is being expertly cared for.… Read more… “Jon* – helping our client with Motor Neurone Disease to return to his family home”

Mrs D – Spinal injury

I was very grateful to Almond Care for being able and willing to respond swiftly to my mother’s needs for an overnight sitter when she had an undiagnosed fracture to her spine and pelvis after a fall, and was understandably feeling more and more unwell. Due to the lack of diagnosis mum was not receiving… Read more… “Mrs D – Spinal injury”

Mrs D

Theophilus – spinal injury

After suffering a spinal injury in 2013, Theophilus was left tetraplegic and requiring complex care at home. A fiercely independent gentleman, ‘TS’ as he was known to friends, was looked after by a series of care providers. His daughter, Samantha explains: “Dad deserved the very best care but unfortunately we had to part company with… Read more… “Theophilus – spinal injury”


Wendy Hawkins – Working on behalf of a client with traumatic brain injury and locked-in syndrome

Wendy Hawkins is a Brain Injury Case Manager for CA Case Management Ltd. Here she explains how Almond Care helped her to put in place a package of care, on behalf of a client who has a severe brain injury and now needs around the clock care at home. I provide case management to a… Read more… “Wendy Hawkins – Working on behalf of a client with traumatic brain injury and locked-in syndrome”

Wendy Hawkins


Almond Care responded brilliantly to our urgent request for respite care. The carer provided was just what we needed. Overall a friendly and efficient service which we would use… Read more… “Paul”


Jean Simpsons

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking Dad on as a client and for all the care that you took in employing exactly the right carers to meet his needs. He was always happy at home and I could relax in the confidence that the carers would sort any appointments… Read more… “Jean Simpsons”

Jean Simpsons

Kieran* – IV Therapy

Our son required 10 months of continued IV antibiotics treatment to be administered at home every 6 hours. Almond Care were the only agency available to support the demands of this regime at night by providing a qualified nurse able to compound and administer IVs at home for 3 nights a week. This was done on… Read more… “Kieran* – IV Therapy”

Linda – Dementia

Linda knows her mother Manuela’s care needs better than anyone. Manuela, now in her late 80s, developed dementia in her early 70s and Linda spent 13 years as her carer, while juggling life between her mother’s home in the Midlands, her own home and family in the South East of England, plus work and study commitments.… Read more… “Linda – Dementia”

Matthew’s* story – Clinical negligence resulting in brain injury

Matthew* was a happy and healthy nine-year-old, who excelled at school and had a real zest for life. However, his life changed irrevocably when, in August 2011, he was admitted to hospital for an appendectomy. The operation itself was a complete success but, during recovery, things did not go to plan. Matthew was unresponsive and… Read more… “Matthew’s* story – Clinical negligence resulting in brain injury”

James’* story – Spinal injury

James* was 17-years-old when his life changed irrevocably in an instant. A victim of crime, james was attacked and knocked from his bike. As a result, he suffered a C5/C6 spinal cord injury which has left him tetraplegic. Understandably, the devastating injuries also resulted in James suffering from long-term mental health issues, as he has battled to come to… Read more… “James’* story – Spinal injury”

Jackie Brown* – Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome

Making sure that Jackie Brown* has the best possible care is the top priority for her family. With Almond Care in place, they are happy that that is what she is receiving. Jackie, now in her 50s, has the very rare blood condition Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome, in which vascular tumors – caused by the excessive growth… Read more… “Jackie Brown* – Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome”

Hazel Cavanagh – Traumatic brain injury

The right support at the right time can make a huge difference to someone with complex care needs. That’s something that Hazel Cavanagh knows from first-hand experience, after Almond Care provided round the clock support during the last four months of her husband John’s life. She says: “The support given by Almond Care helped to… Read more… “Hazel Cavanagh – Traumatic brain injury”

Cathy Foster* – Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS)

Ondine’s curse gives little away about the extremely rare medical condition it describes. Nor does its formal name of congenital central hypoventilation syndrome, or CCHS. But the reality is that CCHS is a lifelong and life-threatening disorder that means when the person affected falls asleep, they stop breathing, due to a malfunction of the central nervous… Read more… “Cathy Foster* – Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS)”

Central Case Management – Brain injury

Central Case Management has a clear focus: ensuring brain injury clients have the support that will help them work towards achieving their own goals and a better quality of life. The company, based in Duffield, Derbyshire, works with a range of brain injury professionals in creating and delivering bespoke support and rehabilitation to its clients… Read more… “Central Case Management – Brain injury”

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