Brain Injury Care Provider

Staff satisfaction survey

Almond Care is committed to training and development for its staff. To help improve the service to you, please complete this survey below. Thank you.
1.  Do you enjoy your job?
2.  Do you know what is expected of you?
3.  Do you feel that the staff in the home work as a team?
4.  Have you received appropriate induction and training?
5.  Do you feel supported sufficiently to do your role?
6.  Do you feel supported by the home manager?
7.  Do feel a valued member of the team?
8.  Do you believe that Almond Care is a good company to work for?
9.  Do feel that you work in a good homely environment?
10. Do you have sufficient equipment e.g. hoists to allow you to do your job?
11. Do you have sufficient Personal Protective Equipment e.g. gloves and aprons to allow you to do your job?
12. Do you feel that morale is good in the clients home?
13. Do you feel that you know what is going on in Almond Care?
14. Is the senior management team in Almond Care approachable?

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