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Huntington’s disease

The progressive nature of Huntington’s disease means that a tailored approach to care provision is crucial, enabling care packages to evolve over time to meet changing needs.

At Almond Care, we ensure we build our complex care in the home around the symptoms, needs, wishes and chosen lifestyle of each client with Huntingdon’s disease to create bespoke care designed to maximise independence and quality of life.

We pay close attention to the way that Huntingdon’s disease affects the client at present and prepare for how it might progress so that we can be proactive in adapting to the developing needs of the client, which could evolve from low-level support to near-constant or live-in support in the latter stages.

Our carers enable clients to maintain skills and mobility as far as possible, while supporting them in learning new skills, including the use of adaptations to assist with independence. We also pay close attention to the emotional and behavioural changes associated with Huntingdon’s disease and work with the client and their family to establish the best way to manage these.

Our assistance with feeding, hygiene, mobility and incontinence management enables clients to maintain well-being on a day-to-day basis, while we are also experienced in ventilation and tube feeding, which may be required in the later stages of Huntingdon’s disease.

Our holistic support means we are able to offer care in other areas, including personal care, housekeeping, socialising and companionship. By providing integrated care, and addressing all the client’s needs, we can assist the client in enjoying maximum quality of life and independence.

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