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Client Survey

As a client of Almond Care, we always strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations as a provider of in-home complex nursing care services.

To help us maintain and improve the level of care we provide, we would be grateful if you could take the time to complete this short survey by rating the level of care you or your loved one receives.

Thank you in advance for your time and for your continued support as a valued client of Almond Care.

Please read the questions below and select the grade you feel we perform, this will help us improve and raise the standards.
1 Inadequate
2 Requires Improvement
3 Good
4 Outstanding
5 N/A

Section 1 - Do we protect client safety?


Section 2 - Is our service effective?


Section 3 - Is our service caring?


Section 4 - Do we respond to the client’s needs?


Thank you for your time in completing this survey.

You do not need to complete your personal details and your responses may remain completely anonymous if you choose.Alternatively, if you wish, you may complete your details below:

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