Brain Injury Care Provider

Mrs D – Spinal injury

I was very grateful to Almond Care for being able and willing to respond swiftly to my mother’s needs for an overnight sitter when she had an undiagnosed fracture to her spine and pelvis after a fall, and was understandably feeling more and more unwell.

Due to the lack of diagnosis mum was not receiving the care she needed overnight from anywhere else, and we realised she needed more support – and fast. A week of night sitters at very little notice provided by Almond Care was therefore a really integral step in her recovery, which gave us time to find and set up an emergency stay in a nursing home to take her on the next step of her recovery before she could move back to independent living in a newly supportive environment. I am glad that she is now definitely on the mend and I was very grateful indeed to Almond Care for stepping into the gap! Not only did you look after her, you cared for a worried son and daughter by helping mum out in this way. Thank you.

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