New campaign launched to improve quality of care after brain injury
Almond Care May 17, 2018

The Acquired Brain Injury Alliance has launched a new campaign aiming to improve the rehabilitation of patients once they have left hospital.

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Huntingdon’s disease awareness campaign launched
Almond Care May 15, 2018

A mother from Wrexham, whose three adult children are all living with the degenerative brain disease, Huntington’s, has helped to launch a new campaign to raise awareness of the condition.

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Teenage girl with cerebral palsy to tackle Mini Great Manchester Run with aid of walking frame
Almond Care May 8, 2018

Twelve year old Katie Holmes is getting ready to take on the Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run, helped by her walking frame.

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Rugeley family hope to raise £40,000 for son born with cerebral palsy
Almond Care May 1, 2018

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one, five-year-old Max Price-Hall is unable to walk or sit up unaided. Now, his Rugeley-based family are looking to raise the money for a life-changing operation.

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Injured cyclist launches safety helmet petition
Almond Care April 26, 2018

A cyclist has launched a new campaign urging others to wear safety helmets, following a crash which almost took her life. Maisie Godden-Hall suffered life-changing injuries after being run over by a car on the way to school, but it could have been much worse. The young lady was told that … Continue reading Injured cyclist launches safety helmet petition

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Salamander may point the way to helping paralysed people walk
Almond Care April 24, 2018

A Mexican salamander, known as the axolotl, could play an important role in helping paralysed people walk again. This is according to new research from a university in America.

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Teenager with Huntington’s disease lives life to the full
Almond Care April 19, 2018

A teenager with Huntington’s disease has made it her ambition to live life to the full.

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Brain injury victim backs change to disability benefits assessments
Almond Care April 17, 2018

A campaign to bring about change to the disability benefits system has been backed by an Aberdeenshire couple who underwent their own personal trauma.

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Brain injury increases “relative risk” of dementia, study confirms
Almond Care April 12, 2018

The short-term effects of a brain injury are well documented, but a new study has now suggested that those who suffer a head injury are at an increased chance of developing dementia in later life.

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Cerebral palsy patients can benefit from tailored Botox treatment
Almond Care April 10, 2018

Tailoring the dosage of Botox to help treat involuntary movements improves the effect on cerebral palsy patients. That’s according to the findings of new study.

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