Leading charity raises awareness of the benefits of stem cell therapy for MS patients
Almond Care June 26, 2018

Patients who are living with highly active, relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS), could benefit from stem cell therapy. That is according to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, which is raising awareness of the “long-term promise” the treatment may have, once further risk-based research is undertaken.

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Researcher discovers positive impact of cognitive activity after brain injury
Almond Care June 21, 2018

Research into brain injuries has revealed that short bursts of cognitive activity may help the rehabilitation and treatment process.

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Woman supports muscular dystrophy charity with 75km swim
Almond Care June 19, 2018

A Weymouth woman is hoping to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy, along with money for a friend of family, by undertaking a 75km swim along the Jurassic coast.

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What is cerebral palsy and does it affect your quality of life?
Almond Care June 14, 2018

Each year, around one in 400 babies are born with a lifelong condition known as cerebral palsy. The condition often leads to mobility and co-ordination issues in infancy, childhood and later life.

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Equestrian sustains serious brain injury following fall from horse
Almond Care June 12, 2018

Olympic eventer, Jonty Evans, has sustained a serious brain injury after falling from his horse, Cooley Rorkes Drift.

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Headway criticises football officials following goalkeeper concussion incident
Almond Care June 7, 2018

The brain injury charity Headway has continued its criticism of safety in sports after it was revealed that a goalkeeper continued to play half a game of football despite suffering from concussion.

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Children with a certain form of cerebral palsy may benefit from targeted rehab
Almond Care June 5, 2018

Researchers have found that rehabilitation therapy targeting involuntary hand movements may benefit children living with a form of cerebral palsy that affects the one side of the body.

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How do close relationships improve life after brain injury?
Almond Care May 31, 2018

A new study has looked into the benefits of forming or strengthening positive relationships after suffering a brain injury.

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Ex-policeman walking length of Britain for multiple sclerosis
Almond Care May 29, 2018

Jim Thompson, a retired policeman from Sunderland, is walking the length of Britain to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Trust.

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Man living with cerebral palsy fined for parking in his designated space
Almond Care May 22, 2018

A man living with cerebral palsy was given a £160 fine for parking his car in the space designated for his use.

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