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Understanding our services – How our 24-hour nursing care can enhance your loved one’s life. 

We believe that each client is unique, and their care systems should support this.

Your loved one requires the best care possible, to give them the highest quality of life as an individual. 

Our 24-hour nursing care service can provide this, and more. 

Independence is a priority for us to give to all our clients, with our nurses taking full care when understanding your loved one to learn what is best for them. 

Every Almond Care nurse has a desire to learn about each client as a person, so that they can make a positive contribution to their lives and significantly enhance their overall well-being. 

The expertise offered by our care teams allow us to offer each patient the same level of care, regardless of their condition, throughout their time with us. 

It is important you know what we offer and why it will help your loved one, to ensure you choose the best care and support system for their rehabilitation process. 

What is our 24-hour nursing care service? 

Our trained and experienced complex care team consist of nurses who have received extensive critical care training. 

They work around the clock to meet any needs of our clients who might require nursing care. 

Almond Care’s nurses provide training to other members of our care teams to allow them to reach and care for multiple clients within our care and support system. 

Only the most highly qualified, trained, and experienced care professionals are chosen to support our child and adult clients with the most complex and challenging disabilities and health conditions. 

We also offer specialised clinical support, which includes: 

  • Long-term ventilator care 
  • Nutrition management. 

The nurses in charge of your loved one assist them to lead as full and active a life as possible, enhancing their quality of life and achievement of maximum independence. 

We encourage your loved one, regardless of their condition or its severity, to pursue hobbies and interests. 

This will help them to maintain and develop their personal and social relationships. 

Why choose us? 

Our priority for your loved one is to give them maximum independence, with our 24-hour nursing care providing this and many other benefits. 

We make sure each carer is compatible with our clients, ensuring your loved one and their needs are kept as a priority. 

Every care team understands each client is unique, with their care plans reflecting this, which is why it is important your loved one is treated as an individual and given control wherever possible to decide what is best for them. 

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