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Supporting parents of children with challenging behaviour

For many, being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. However, it can also be the most challenging.

This is particularly true for parents of children with complex needs or behavioural issues.

Whilst the care of the child is always a priority, it is also important for parents to take care of themselves.

What is challenging behaviour?

Challenging behaviour isn’t exclusive to children with complex needs. It is common for children and teenagers to lash out when they are experiencing big or new emotions.

However, sometimes challenging behaviour is a more frequent occurrence and becomes difficult to deal with.

Some examples of challenging behaviour are:

  • Tantrums or angry outbursts
  • Regularly shouting, swearing, or being violent
  • Damaging items in the home
  • Refusing boundaries and routines
  • Impulsive and risky behaviour
  • Bullying or unkind behaviour towards others
  • Refusing to engage in conversation

Understanding your child

Unlike adults who can recognise, process, and communicate their emotions, children often struggle to understand how they are feeling.

It is important to remember that whilst your child is acting out, they are just expressing how they feel in the only way they know how. Remembering this information in the moment can be tough, but ultimately helps you to rationalise and understand their behaviour.

Getting to the root of how your child is feeling can help improve their behaviour.

Whilst getting to the root cause of challenging behaviour can be tough, there is plenty of support available.

Don’t go through it alone

When you have a child with complex needs, it is important that you both have the support that you need.

Collaborating with other adults helps to build a support system. This can be educators, healthcare professionals, therapists, and other caregivers who are all able to contribute to your child’s care and wellbeing.

At Almond Care Children’s Services, we can provide any additional support that you need.

Our trained team works with you and your child to create a tailored care plan, suitable for the whole family’s needs.

If your child needs support, get in touch with our team today.


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