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Supporting a loved one’s transition from hospital to home

Being discharged from the hospital can be daunting for those with complex needs.

To ease anxieties and ensure a smooth transition, it is important to set up a care plan so your loved one has the right support when they move home.

Whilst the process may seem complicated, we are here to help.

Discharge from hospital

When the decision is made to discharge someone from the hospital, the staff will conduct a discharge assessment.

This assessment is something patients should be fully involved with, as well as their family and carers.

From this discharge assessment, the hospital staff will be able to create a care plan. This should include:

  • The treatment and support that the patient will need when discharged
  • Who will be responsible for providing support and how to contact them
  • When and how often support will be provided
  • How the support will be monitored and reviewed
  • The name of the person coordinating the care plan
  • Who to contact if there is an emergency
  • Information about any charges that will need to be paid (if applicable)

At Almond Care, this is something that our staff are involved with. We prioritise getting to know our clients and their conditions ahead of time, so our staff are prepared to provide the support someone needs when transitioning out of the hospital.

Moving back home

When they return home, the hospital is often able to provide the transportation an individual needs, especially if their condition makes mobility difficult.

Our carers can help from the first day home, ensuring that aids and adaptations around the home are implemented efficiently. This helps to make life easier, more comfortable, and more dignified at home for those with complex needs.

Carers are also able to provide aftercare, such as helping with medications and liaising with family and hospital staff.

Long term care

For many people with complex needs and disabling conditions, care is needed beyond the initial hospital discharge period.

Whilst needs may change as people adapt, our carers are around to provide the support your loved ones need.

Our bespoke care plans cater for adaptations suited to the lifestyle of those we care for.

If you are interested in our hospital discharge services, please get in touch today for a free, no-obligation discussion.


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