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How can therapy benefit children with complex needs?

Children with complex needs often need more help and support. Sometimes, this comes in the form of therapy or counselling.

At Almond House, we have an in-house psychotherapist who can provide bespoke therapy tailored to every child’s needs. Therapy provides children with an opportunity to explore and talk about their emotions in a safe environment and works towards helping children understand and process their feelings.

Different types of therapy

Therapy is different for every individual child. However, there are many recognised therapy frameworks that are offered by counsellors and therapists. They include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): focuses on children understanding their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
  • Interpersonal therapy (IPT): focuses on understanding the relationships that children have with their peers, parents, or carers.
  • General counselling or psychotherapy: this is usually tailored to the individual child and their specific needs.
  • Art, music, drama, and play therapies: help children explore and express their feelings in a safe way.

Each form of therapy can be beneficial to individual children. Our psychotherapist can help identify the most effective form of therapy for each individual child, ensuring that they are getting the help and support that they need.

How therapy helps

There are many ways in which therapy can help a child. Broadly, therapy aims to improve the general emotional well-being of the recipient. That can be by improving or stabilising their moods and encouraging self-care practices.

For children with complex needs, therapy can also help with socialisation. This can be as simple as aiding them with making friends, or as complex as dealing with difficult behaviours. Our highly trained psychotherapist can help individual children with their struggles.

Therapists can also help children overcome any educational issues that they are facing. They can help advise strategies to be put in place to help children learn in a way that works for them.

With International Stress Week coming up, now is the time to start thinking about therapy. Working with a psychotherapist may sound stressful, but it can help reduce the anxiety and stress of children with complex needs.

Accessing therapy can also help to reduce stress for parents, carers, and families of children with complex needs. Therapists can help provide support to parents and carers of their patients, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their child’s needs.

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