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How can you support a child with muscular dystrophy

Caring for a child with muscular dystrophy can be challenging, but with the right information, resources, and support, you can help your child lead a fulfilling life.  

We can help take the pressure of you by providing a personalised care plan for your child’s ongoing needs. 

What is muscular dystrophy? 

There are several types of muscular dystrophy, each with its own symptoms and progression rates.  

Early detection and diagnosis is crucial, as this allows for timely intervention and management.  

Once diagnosed, having a personalised care plan in place can help you support your child. 

Medical care and treatment 

There is no cure for muscular dystrophy, but treatments can help manage symptoms and slow disease progression.  

Working closely with your child’s healthcare team, we can ensure their needs are taken care of. 

Daily living and mobility support 

As muscle weakness progresses, children with muscular dystrophy may require support in daily living activities, mobility aids, or adaptive equipment.  

We can help you encourage independence while advising you on necessary assistance and home modifications to accommodate your child’s changing needs. 

Emotional wellbeing  

Fostering emotional and social well-being is essential for your child. 

You should encourage your child to participate in activities they enjoy and maintain friendships.  

Family support  

Caring for a child with muscular dystrophy can be challenging.  

Our care plans will ensure you have a say in your child’s care and we can be part of your support network. 

With our support, you’ll have more opportunity to spend quality time with your child as you won’t need to worry about their continuing care needs. 

At Almond Children’s Care, we provide tailored care plans, let us support you and our child by contacting us today. 


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