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How can you prioritise your child’s mental health?

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re focusing on how having a long-term health condition can impact your child’s mental health. 

At Almond Children’s Care Services, we provide residential care, comprehensive care plans, therapeutic support, educational assistance, individualised nurturing, and support for young adults. 

Residential care options 

Residential care for children with complex needs can range from foster care to residential homes and respite care homes.  

It offers an environment catered to meet individual needs while providing round-the-clock care. 

Comprehensive care for 8-18 year olds 

A complete care package should address both the physical and mental health of children, including educational assistance, recreational activities, and specialised therapy, all personalised to your child’s unique needs and preferences. 

Therapeutic care 

Children’s mental health can significantly benefit from expert therapeutic care like psychotherapy, counselling, and specialised therapies.  

These methods help children manage their emotions, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and enhance their social skills. 

Educational support 

Tailored educational support can ensure that children with complex care needs keep up academically and socially.  

This includes individual education plans, specialised teaching methods, and assistive technology. 

Nurturing every child 

Children with complex care needs should be valued, loved, and nurtured.  

Empathy, patience, and unconditional acceptance in every interaction can significantly boost their self-esteem and resilience, promoting better mental health. 

Support for 16+ 

When children with complex care needs transition into adulthood, they require a structured support system to manage their mental health effectively, emphasising independence while ensuring their individual needs are met. 

We’re able to provide you with extra support to ensure you and your child can put your mind at ease.  

At Almond Children’s Care Services, we can help you provide support for your child. If you’re interested in a personalised care plan, contact us today. 


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