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Footballer to raise money for epidermolysis bullosa

Graeme Souness, a former Liverpool, Rangers and Scotland player will swim the English Channel to raise money for the Debra charity which supports people with epidermolysis bullosa. 

The money raised will be used to help fund clinical test drug treatments which will help improve those living with ‘butterfly skin’. 

This rare skin condition is usually diagnosed in babies and young children and has no cure at present, often leading to lifelong care needs.  

What is epidermolysis bullosa? 

Epidermolysis bullosa is the name for a group of rare inherited skin disorders that cause the skin to become very fragile.  

Any trauma or friction to the skin can cause painful blisters. 


Symptoms of this condition can include: 

  • Blistered skin 
  • Blisters on the hands and soles of the feet 
  • Thickened skin that may be scarred or change colour over time 
  • Thickening of the skin and nails 

Taking care of those will epidermolysis bullosa 

At Almond Care, our staff are skilled in the use of interventions and therapies to assist clients with epidermolysis bullosa, as well as supporting their families. We can help with treatments, such as taking care of your blisters and changing dressings. 

We’re here to support you through day-to-day life by managing your pain levels and ensuring quality of life, our care plans are tailored to your individual needs. 

If you need support managing your epidermolysis bullosa, contact us today for specialist care. 


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