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What does the ‘Plan for Patients’ mean for you?

The health and social care sector is still feeling the impact of the pandemic, and the additional strain that winter will bring is raising some alarm bells.

To ensure individuals get the support that they need, the Government has announced its new plan, ‘Our Plan for Patients’ which will outline new expectations for health care, whilst providing much-needed funding.

Under the new plan, new expectations will be set out for patients to be seen by GPs at a faster rate.

This means that if you need an appointment, you should receive one within two weeks, and if you need urgent care, you should be seen within a day.

There is also going to be a £500 million boost in funding for the Adult Social Care Discharge Fund, which will help you, or your loved one, get the right support after leaving hospital.

This plan, outlined by Health and Social Care Secretary, Thérèse Coffey, aims to speed up the safe discharge of patients, as well as help to recruit and retain more care workers.

Why do you need support after being in hospital?

You may have received all of the necessary medical care whilst in hospital, but this doesn’t mean that you are fully recovered.

To aid your recovery, you may need more specialist care and a tailored plan to suit your needs.

At Almond Care, our dedicated care teams aim to help each of our clients to live life to the full by offering round-the-clock care as required.

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