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Caring for children with complex needs

For children with complex needs, getting the best quality care is essential.

But the first step is to understand what having complex needs means.

According to the NHS, a child may be described as having complex needs if they require a lot of daily additional support and has been diagnosed with an illness, disability or sensory impairment.

Get the right equipment in place

Depending on the needs that your child has, you may need specialist equipment, such as mobility aids, hearing aids, or bed equipment.

Medical equipment may also be needed, and your child may need healthcare at home.

As outlined by the NHS, they should assist with your child’s medical needs and help with providing equipment.

You must seek advice from your GP on how your child’s medical needs will be met.

Have a routine

There can be a lot to juggle when caring for a child with complex needs. But having a routine in place can make it more manageable.

If your child needs medication or healthcare treatment on a regular basis, add these to your daily plan.

Keeping a note of activities that your child enjoys can also be useful to shape your routine.

How can Almond Care Children’s Services help?

Whilst two children could have the same illness, their needs will not be identical. So, taking a person-centred approach is essential.

At Almond Care Children’s Services, we take a collaborative, child-centred approach to ensure that each individual has a fully tailored support programme.

Our team works alongside social workers, health professionals, family members, and the young person to ensure that their care plan goes beyond meeting their physical needs.

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