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Carers Week: the unsung heroes in our children’s lives

As Carers Week draws to an end, there is an opportunity to reflect upon the important role that carers play in children’s lives, by going above and beyond to ensure they excel in later life.

With an estimated 6.5 million carers across the UK, it is time to celebrate carers and the incredible daily work they do.  

What is Carers Week?

Carers Week runs from 6-12 Jun this year, with the movement aiming to bring light to the challenges that carers, both paid and unpaid, face and ensure that carers have the support that they need.

This year’s theme is ‘making caring Visible, Valued and Supported’.

Carers that look after children and young people are faced with a huge responsibility, to not only ensure that their physical needs are met, but to also ensure that children feel supported emotionally.

At Almond Care Children’s Services, we believe it is essential to take a holistic approach to care, by tailoring support to nurture each young person in a way that will help them excel.

How can we celebrate carers?

Carers really are superheroes, regardless of whether this entails caring for a family member, or in a professional capacity, it is a challenging yet rewarding role.  

Carers of young people can see how the people they care for progress first-hand, and how their efforts make a big impact.

However, there are times when the role can be overwhelming, which is why it is vital for other people to understand what carers experience in order to respect and support them. This can be as simple as checking in on a carer to see if they need a chat.

The impact that caring has on an individual’s life can be huge, from relationships to work life. If you are a carer and need support, resources can be found here.

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