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Epidermolysis Bullosa: How can a care plan help you?

If you have been diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa, you may be feeling distressed or concerned about your future. 

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a rare genetic condition that affects the skin and mucous membranes, making them very fragile and prone to blistering and tearing, even with minor friction or trauma.  

EB can be a painful and debilitating condition that can impact a person’s quality of life. For those living with EB, a care plan is essential for managing the symptoms and ensuring prompt treatment of wounds and sores. 


The symptoms of EB can vary depending on the type and severity of the condition. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, and they can often include: 

  • Blisters and sores on the skin and mucous membranes 
  • Thickened and hardened skin 
  • Pain and itching 
  • Nail deformities 
  • Difficulty swallowing and eating  
  • Vision loss  
  • Anaemia  

How a care plan can help 

A care plan is an essential part of managing EB. At Almond, we can help you to manage your condition while feeling supported by professionals. 

We can help with wound care and pain management by working alongside other healthcare professionals. This coordination of care will ensure your needs are taken care of and will help you to have more control over your health. 

If you or a loved one has EB, it is important to work with healthcare professionals who are familiar with the condition and can help create a care plan that meets your needs.  

At Almond Care, we provide personalised care plans to help improve your quality of life. Need advice? Contact us today. 


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