Woman with cerebral palsy takes on 20,000-foot mountain

A woman with cerebral palsy has successfully climbed the tallest mountain in Africa – proving no feat is impossible.

Masingita Masunga took on the challenge as part of a list of 40 goals she wanted to achieve before turning 40.

She began the Mount Kilimanjaro, an almost 20,000-feet high dormant volcano based in Tanzania, expedition in June.

Ms Masunga said the climb was not about her, however. She says she did it to show that “anything is possible with determination”.

It follows numerous doctors and medical professionals telling her that she wouldn’t be able to drive and walk for long periods of time – but she now holds a driver’s license and walks for more than six miles every day.

She is also raising money for the charity the African Dream Village – an education centre founded by Masunga.

Among her list of goals, she also plans to learn to swim, raise 20,000 nets for malaria, take 40 people to school, build 40 houses, and walk a 40 km race. For more information about Ms Masunga’s, ‘4040’ list, click here.

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