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The importance of Sarcoma Awareness Month

Sarcoma, often known as the ‘loneliest cancer’ due to its lack of awareness, is a rare form of cancer.  

During July, Sarcoma UK is committed to raising awareness of sarcoma and spreading knowledge and understanding of the disease, allowing people to recognise the symptoms of it sooner and increase their chance of survival.

What is sarcoma?

With it only making up two per cent of all cancer diagnoses’ each year, sarcoma is an extremely rare form of cancer. However, whilst it is uncommon, it can have a catastrophic effect due to it often being missed or ignored by those who have it.  

In terms of the cancer itself, sarcomas commonly affect the arms, legs, and torso, both inside and outside the body.

Subdivided into two groups, sarcomas can be categorised as soft tissue sarcomas or bone sarcomas. Within these sub-groups, there are around 100 different types of sarcomas.

Why is Sarcoma Awareness Month important?

With most people being diagnosed when their sarcoma is about the size of a can of soup, it can often mean that the patient’s prognosis is not as positive as if it had been found sooner.

In fact, the prognosis for sarcoma has only marginally changed within the last 40 years, often due to the fact that patients are diagnosed at a much later stage.

Awareness of what sarcoma is and how it manifests itself in the body is an important way of increasing the outlook for those who are diagnosed with it, allowing them to have a longer and better quality of life.

Here at Almond Care, we fully appreciate the need for greater awareness of certain illnesses and diseases, and we are ardent about creating a space where this can happen and supporting those who are affected by it.

What can I do?

You can support in several different ways. Raising money through a fundraiser such as a bake sale or sponsored challenges is a good way of contributing to helping Sarcoma UK continue to do the work which they do.

Making a personal donation or donating your time through volunteering opportunities with Sarcoma UK is also greatly valued and can help make a major difference.

Finally, and just as importantly, educating yourself on the disease and raising awareness through social media platforms and friends and family is also a great way to support sarcoma awareness month.

We take a holistic approach to our care methods and know that listening and communicating is one of the most effective approaches, particularly in matters such as this.

If you or somebody you know is affected by sarcoma and needs some support, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be more than happy to help.


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