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Support options for vulnerable young adults

With the academic year coming to a close, many young people will be thinking about their next steps in life.

With college, university, apprenticeships, or work, there are many options out there for progression.

However, those who are care leavers or with complex care needs will face different challenges when moving on to the next stage of their lives.

There are different kinds of help available to ensure that vulnerable young people don’t fall through the cracks and that they have the appropriate support throughout their journey.

Young people with complex care needs

Complex care needs can entail a variety of different conditions.

Whilst many will think of this definition as involving solely physical conditions, mental and emotional conditions are also within this category. However, because they cannot be physically seen, they are often forgotten about or dismissed.

Each young person is different, and so are their complex care needs. There is no one size fits all approach. Instead, tailored support is necessary to help them with their next stage in life.

Some young people with complex care needs may be able to move to the next stage of their life with little support necessary, but others may need a greater deal of care to help them on their way.

Almond Care Children’s Services offer support for complex care conditions in a multitude of ways, with us offering both complete care packages for support at home and residential care for a greater level of support up to the age of 24 with our post-16 program.  

Care leavers

Other groups of vulnerable young people are care leavers.

A care leaver is any adult who has spent any portion of their life in care. It is important to ensure that they receive the support they need as they move on to the next stage in life.

This could be anything from being in full-time employment or education to struggling to adjust to living by themselves.

Here, Almond Children’s Services provide post-16 supported living for those who are aged 16 – 24. We understand that care needs do not stop once somebody reaches the age of 16. Our holistic ethos means that we can enable young people who need extra help to achieve their full potential.

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