Rugeley family hope to raise £40,000 for son born with cerebral palsy

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one, five-year-old Max Price-Hall is unable to walk or sit up unaided. Now, his Rugeley-based family are looking to raise the money for a life-changing operation.

Max’s muscles are so tight they restrict his ability to move and he has to rely on a pushchair to get around. But surgery and subsequent physiotherapy could make it possible for him to walk.

The surgery, known as a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, would improve the boy’s motion by reducing the muscle spasticity currently restricting his limbs. He has been accepted to undergo the procedure, but, as it is not available on the NHS, his family are going to have to find the £40,000 the operation and aftercare is set to cost.

Max’s mum, Michelle Price, explained the extent of her son’s condition: “Max’s Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy means that his muscles are all tight – everything in his body is tight which affects him being able to walk or even sit.

“When he sits he just pushes himself onto his back. I even have to turn him over in bed because he can’t do it himself.”

She added: “He can take steps but we have to help him – he can’t do anything by himself, and it’s so painful for him.”

They have been fundraising for years to find the money to pay for various treatments and a JustGiving page currently has £25,000 towards this latest drive.

Ms Price concluded: “The operation costs £16,000 and we’ve raised that money but because he will need intensive physical therapy before and after, we need to raise around £40,000.

“It can’t be guaranteed he’ll ever walk by himself but the surgery would give him more independence to be able to walk using an aid. Children who are less affected by cerebral palsy are usually the ones who do walk unassisted later. We can only hope for Max too.”

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