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Raising awareness for Samaritans Awareness Day

Every year, 24 July is recognised as Samaritans Awareness Day.

This is a day when awareness is raised about the Samaritans charity, with the date it is on being a reminder about the 24/7 support they give.

Who are Samaritans?

Samaritans are a charity that specialises in providing mental and emotional support for those who need it entirely anonymously and free of judgement.

Unlike Doctors and other mental health professionals, they are simply there to listen.

They operate on a basis where they are available via telephone, email, and letter. Run by volunteers, the telephone services are always open every day of the year.

The main message that Samaritans want to relay is that they are here for anybody, for anything, at any time.

Why are Samaritans important?

With it being well documented across the news and media that mental health struggles are increasing rapidly each year – even more so with the cost-of-living crisis – there is an even greater need for support.

Furthermore, with mental health services being stretched across the UK, the Samaritans are here for people who cannot get access to anything else.

They are here to listen to you no matter what the topic. They will listen to a variety of problems including those such as feeling lonely or stressed, to somebody who is having a panic attack or feeling like they are on the verge of taking their own life.  

It is important to note that Samaritans will not do anything without the consent of the person talking to them on the other end of the phone and that the person is in full control of how much they tell the Samaritan they are talking to.

How can I help?

If you would like to help raise awareness of the Samaritans and what they do, then there are a number of ways you can help:

  • Using the official hashtags and graphics online – #TalkToUs and #SamaritansAwarenessDay
  • Ordering leaflets and posters to put up in your local community
  • Starting your own fundraiser such as a sponsored run or bake sale
  • Volunteer as a Samaritan

We understand that caring for somebody with complex care needs can affect your mental health, and so we want to support this Awareness Day to let people know that they don’t have to suffer alone.


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