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Preventative action is needed for the care system

A review of children’s services run by English councils has revealed that early intervention action is needed to help families before they are in crisis.

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care outlined recommendations to ‘reset children’s social care’ which could result in 30,000 more children remaining safely at home with their families by 2032.

How could this be achieved?

As outlined in the review, there should be a shift toward helping families before drastic action is needed, which means offering ongoing support to prevent children from needing to go into care.

To achieve this, a funding increase of £2 billion would be required, over the next five years, to set up a new service called ‘Family Help’.

Another aspect of the proposed reset relates to phasing out young offender institutes and trying to offer more foster homes for children.

The review also calls for the Equality Act 2010 to extend to protect care-leavers from discrimination, which would also aim to actively challenge the stigma surrounding being in care.

How can Almond Care Children’s Services help?

At Almond Care Children’s Services, we take a nurturing, family-focused approach to ensure that the children in our care receive the best support available.

We believe it is important to help all children reach their full potential, which is why we tailor support to the individual’s needs.

By tailoring support to the individual’s needs, our expert team can provide a complete package which includes therapeutic care, educational support, as well as social care.


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