Muscular dystrophy

The many types of muscular dystrophy – including Becker, limb-girdle, congenital, facioscapulohumeral, myotonic, oculopharyngeal, distal and Emery-Dreifuss – create a wide range of symptoms and movement-based physical challenges. Each client will experience these in different ways and physical dependency may increase as time passes.

Almond Care’s experience in delivering complex care in the home in the UK means that our tailored approach is ideally suited to delivering muscular dystrophy care of the highest quality, at all stages of the condition.

Our detailed understanding of each client and the way they are affected enables us to selected trained and qualified carers experienced in delivering muscular dystrophy support, tailored to the client to maintain and maximise their independence and quality of life for them and their family.

Alongside clinical support, including ventilator care, respiratory management and mobility assistance, we can provide wider support, including with the social interaction and involvement in interests and activities that can help to support emotional well-being and quality of life for clients affected by muscular dystrophy, and for their families.

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