New social media hub launched to support later life adults with cerebral palsy

Four comedians with cerebral palsy have taken part in a comedy night to support the launch of a first-of-its-kind charity.

Promoters of the event, which took place in London this week, said the charity, Adult CP Hub, is a social media resource and community based on Facebook, aiming to represent the needs of adults with the condition.

Around 270 guests joined to support the launch of the charity, which has a sole focus on older adults with cerebral palsy.

Commenting on the comedy night, event organiser and neuro physiotherapist Miriam Creeger said: “There are no bespoke services that focus on adults only.

“We know 20 per cent of CP sufferers will have a decline in mobility by age 40, which impacts on employability. The aim of the hub is to keep adults with CP active for as long as possible, support pioneering research and campaign for bespoke services for adults with CP.”

Ms Creeger came up with the idea for the new charity after working with co-founder Emma Livingstone, who was a client of hers.

“She [Ms Livingstone] was a university lecturer and speech and language therapist but had to give up work because of post-impairment syndrome. This is a little-understood condition that combines fatigue, exhaustion and pain due to the changing ergonomics of the body caused by cerebral palsy,” said Ms Creeger.

Between them, the pair came up with the idea to “stop complaining and start campaigning”, which sparked the creation of the virtual hub to “give a voice to this silent community and support service development”.

It is estimated that around one in 400 babies born in the UK have some form of cerebral palsy. The symptoms commonly include poor muscle control, coordination, reflexes, posture and balance.