Injured cyclist launches safety helmet petition

A cyclist has launched a new campaign urging others to wear safety helmets, following a crash which almost took her life.

Maisie Godden-Hall suffered life-changing injuries after being run over by a car on the way to school, but it could have been much worse.

The young lady was told that if it were not for her safety helmet, she would have been almost certainly dead.

Safety helmets are recommended, but are not required to be worn by law in the UK.

It is for this reason Ms Godden-Hall has launched a new campaign raising awareness of the importance of wearing protective gear while out on the roads and hopes that the Government will make it compulsory to wear a helmet.

In a recent article, published by head injury charity Headway, she described her experience of the crash.

She said: “I was rushing around as I couldn’t remember where I’d put my cycle helmet. It was a strict rule that I wasn’t allowed to cycle without it.

“I was travelling quite fast to make up some time and approached a junction on the route where I generally move onto the bus lane as there is a wall that blocks the view for drivers.

“I noticed that car at the junction was moving out and I needed to break hard.

“I flew over the handle bars and landed in front of the car but the driver didn’t see me, and instead seeing his gap in the traffic, they ended up driving over me.”

The cyclist is now spearheading a nationwide drive to make safety helmets compulsory and has launched a petition to have the issue heard in Parliament.

Headway said: “We believe helmets should be compulsory for all child cyclists, who do not possess the same level of competency or experience as adults and are therefore more vulnerable.

“We also support calls for a range of additional measures to improve cyclists’ safety, including more dedicated cycle lanes and educational campaigns aimed at both cyclists and motorists.”

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