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How can you recover from a spinal injury?

Did you know that around 2,500 people experience a spinal cord injury every year?

As the spinal cord connects the brain to the rest of the body, damaging your spinal cord can have a serious and long-lasting impact.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury (SCI), you might be worried about your future.

But, with the right support, you can maximise your independence and maintain your quality of life.

Know what you’re facing

A spinal cord injury can result in a range of symptoms. So, the first step is to recognise how the injury has impacted you.

In most cases, a spinal cord injury will have an impact on mobility. Depending on the severity of the injury, this could result in a complete or partial loss of movement.

But you could face other obstacles, such as bladder and bowel management issues or breathing problems.

Get the right support

With our expertise in delivering bespoke spinal injury care, we’re well-equipped to assist your recovery.

At Almond Care, we are a leading spinal injury care agency and our team is fully qualified to deliver the care you need.

Due to the unique nature of spinal cord injuries, we tailor our support depending on the level of paralysis, along with your needs and wishes.

Do you need support? Get in touch with our team today.


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