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How can children in care benefit from therapy?

The number of children with suspected mental health conditions has risen in recent years, according to the latest data.

According to the Health Foundation, one in six children in England were likely to have a mental health condition in 2021.

This has increased from one in nine in 2017, suggesting that more and more young people are experiencing ill mental health.

As discussed in our previous blog, the pandemic had a huge impact on children and young people, by increasing levels of loneliness and isolation.

However, several factors contribute to the onset of mental health conditions, such as genetics and past experiences.

In some cases, being in foster care or residential care can have a negative impact on the child’s mental health.  To minimise the impact of this, it is vital to recognise when a child is struggling and ensure they have a safe space to express their feelings.  

How can Almond Care Children’s Services help?

For children in the care sector that experience behavioural or emotional difficulties, it is so important to make sure their concerns are heard.

We adopt a child-centred approach to ensure that all of the children in our care get the support they need.

Our experienced psychotherapist also provides bespoke therapeutic services for the children in our care, to help both them and their families.

By helping our young people to make sense of their feelings, we can work with them to overcome other issues that may be arising, from relationships to education.

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