Headway criticises football officials following goalkeeper concussion incident

The brain injury charity Headway has continued its criticism of safety in sports after it was revealed that a goalkeeper continued to play half a game of football despite suffering from concussion.

Loris Karius, the Liverpool FC goalkeeper, suffered a blow to the head in their Champions League final match up against Real Madrid in May.

But it wasn’t until some weeks after that it was revealed he had suffered concussion.

Dr Zafonte, who treated Mr Karius, said: “At the time of our evaluation Mr Karius’s principal residual symptoms and objective signs suggested that visual-spatial dysfunction existed and likely occurred immediately following the event.

“Additional symptomatic and objectively noted areas of dysfunction also persisted. It could be possible that such deficits would affect performance.”

Headway chief executive Peter McCabe was shocked at the reveal and criticised officials’ lack of awareness.

“In the biggest game in club football, with hundreds of millions of fans watching around the world, it is alarming to hear that a player has played nearly half a match with a potential concussion. What kind of message does that send to young players around the globe?

“It is also very worrying that it has taken so long for this to be identified. Why wasn’t the game stopped immediately so that he could be examined on the pitch and what role did the fourth official play?”

He added that “concussion protocols should be urgently reviewed”.

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