Girl with locked-in syndrome stages “amazing” recovery

A teenage girl is making a remarkable recovery following a catastrophic brain haemorrhage that resulted in locked-in syndrome.

Miranda Meldrum, a 14-year-old from Wiltshire, was struck down by the almost fatal brain haemorrhage in 2017, undergoing cardiac arrest at the same time. The incident left her paralysed within her own body, while her mind remained as sharp as ever.

In just over a year, Miranda’s ongoing recovery has astounded her doctors, carers and parents. In September of last year, she was starting to learn sign language as a way of communication, but now her speech is improving on a daily basis.

Her movement is also undergoing a steady recovery; helped along by the dance-based physiotherapy she receives at Bristol Children’s Hospital, where she is currently an inpatient.

Miranda’s consultant is convinced that her youth has played a major part in her amazing recovery, saying: “Locked-in syndrome is a very rare condition. Most of the literature suggests that patients do almost universally badly. Miranda’s not falling into that category. There has been a paper published in 2009 that suggests that perhaps children have a rather better prognosis and maybe patients who have intensive early rehabilitation have a better prognosis.”

Speaking to ITV, Miranda’s mum, Dr Stella Meldrum, commented on how well her daughter was doing: “Every day there’s been something new – head, shoulder, other arm, body and then within about six weeks she suddenly started to sit up in the bed and then she did her first stand. She’s also taken some steps, which was on my birthday.”

They are hoping to have Miranda home soon, and have set up a fundraising page to raise money for the home modifications that will be necessary when that day comes.

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