Football loving teenager with cerebral palsy sets up own team

A teenager from Harrogate has set up a football team to help youngsters living with disability get involved in the game.

Cameron Osburn, who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, formed the team following a less than favourable experience during his own childhood.

At the age of eight, Cameron joined a local team due to his love of the beautiful game. However, during his time with the team, he was never picked to play in any matches and says that he “felt excluded from all the other players”.

The bad experience led him to join a disability football team in York, which would go on to give him the idea of forming a team of his own. Aged 16, Cameron started up ‘Adversity United’.

The team currently coaches 14 girls and boys aged between six and twelve, who live with “social, behavioural, physical or cerebral challenges”. The team meets regularly for practice sessions and the inclusiveness of the project has led to Cameron being shortlisted for a National Diversity Award.

Speaking about his reasons for starting the team, the teenager said: “I discovered my urge to coach football and decided to set up my own football club for young children with disabilities, as I didn’t have any opportunity to play on a fair level playing field.”

He continued: “I would say we need to create more opportunities in sport for young people with disabilities as there isn’t enough. I hope that I can inspire many others to help get more young people with disabilities involved in sport.”

Cameron is hoping to extend the training to incorporate over-12s, but he has not let his own ambitions take a backseat, as he looks to improve his own skills through training and hopes to one day be picked for the England U21’s Cerebral Palsy team.

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