Our ethos

At the heart of the way we deliver our UK complex care services in the home are the ten rules of our Almond Care ethos.

Rule 1

Staff will enter a client’s property and room within the property only with express consent.

Rule 2

Staff will respect the client’s right to avoid interacting or being interrupted by the staff member when, for example, they are entertaining a visitor or engaged in intimate activity. However, the safety of the client is paramount at all times.

Rule 3

Our staff consider themselves guests in the client’s home and will act accordingly by respecting the client’s private possessions at all times.

Rule 4

Staff will respect the client’s right to make telephone calls and conduct conversations in full privacy without being overheard or observed by the staff member.

Rule 5

We ensure that service records are only seen by those with a legitimate need to know the information within them.

Rule 6

Clients who require assistance with intimate tasks, such as dressing, bathing and toileting, will be helped as far as possible within the wishes of the client by a staff member of their own choice and, if desired, a staff member of the sex of their own choice.

Rule 7

We will support clients requiring assistance with dressing and maintaining their clothes in a way that respects the client’s wishes.

Rule 8

We ensure that clients receive respectful and courteous assistance with make-up, hairdressing and other aspects of personal care to help the client present themselves as they wish.

Rule 9

In working with the client, we are committed to fostering an environment of comfort, mutual respect, consideration and independence.

Rule 10

All clients will be treated with the utmost respect. As carers, we are committed to fulfilling the client’s physical, mental and emotional support needs while fully respecting their wishes, disability, day-to-day routine, culture, independence and overall lifestyle.

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