Teenager meets the man he owes his life

A young stroke survivor has had an emotional meeting with the doctor who saved his life.

Connor Lynes was just 14-years-old when a blood clot in his brain caused him to collapse in his bathroom.

It later transpired that a clash during a rugby game the day before had torn an artery in the schoolboy’s neck, which in turn had caused the clot to develop in his brain stem.

Thanks to the efforts of Dr Paul Maliakal and his team at Hull Royal Infirmary, the life-threatening obstruction was removed.

In the two years since, Connor has nonetheless had to deal with a range of neurological complications – including headaches, numbness, confusion and anxiety – while still managing to raise thousands of pounds for charity

His efforts were subsequently recognised by the Stroke Association, who presented him with a national courage award last autumn.

Sara Lynes, the teenager’s aunt, said her nephew was delighted to have finally had a chance to meet the team to whom he owes his life.

“It has taken two years to organise, mainly through Twitter,” she told the Hull Daily Mail. “Eventually, Connor was invited to the hospital to meet Dr Maliakal and the other staff who helped him.

“The doctor even showed Connor the theatre where the operation took place and the medical instruments he used. It was a really good experience for Connor. He has given Connor some closure and an acceptance about what happened.

“The doctor said they always see people at their worst but rarely meet them when they are better or recovering. Once treated or operated on, most people just get on with their lives. But the medical team have followed Connor’s progress through the media and are really pleased.”

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