Spinal injury survivor takes first steps since “freak accident”

A UK mother-of-two who survived a serious spinal injury has taken her first steps since what she describes as a “freak accident” that turned her life upside down last autumn.

Ms Benita Lambert, Exeter, suffered a spine injury, multiple broken ribs and a broken eye socket when she fell off her daughter’s pony in September 2016. The animal unexpectedly ‘reared up’ while Ms Lambert was riding, and fell right on top of her as she hit the ground, according to reports.

The 49-year-old had to be air lifted to safety by Devon Air Ambulance, and was taken to a nearby hospital to have her spinal cord realigned. But the brave mother-of-two, who required spinal rehabilitation for three months, will soon be returning home to her family.

Speaking of her experience, Ms Lambert said: “I asked if I would ever be able to walk and the reply [from medical professionals] was no – not unaided and not at present. If you took me today, with the mobility I have, walking is not possible as I have no glutes which I need to hold me upright and to help me balance.

“But because the physios are so amazing, I have started electrode therapy to shock my lazy bottom muscles into working. If this works I am so using this on [my daughter] Taylor to get her out of bed in the morning.

“If they come back to life, I have an excellent chance of walking. So I will walk, final.”

Ms Lambert reportedly took her first steps since the “freak accident” in December and will return to her children, Taylor, 13, and Matthew, nine, next week.

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