Video game study shines new light on decreased mobility after stroke - February 15, 2018

Researchers from London Imperial College are using video games to improve mobility after suffering a stroke.

Family rallies round after dad-to-be suffers serious brain injury - February 13, 2018

The wife of a man who suffered a devastating brain injury just days after learning he was about to become a dad has spoken about the “long, unpredictable road” of recovery.

A migraine could be indicator of stroke, suggests BMJ study - February 8, 2018

Scientists have urged individuals to never ignore a headache or migraine – as it could be one of the first signs of a deadly attack.

BBC film charts man’s recovery from major brain surgery - February 6, 2018

The latest instalment of a long-running TV science series has told the story of a man’s battle following a catastrophic brain haemorrhage.

Stroke affecting larger proportion of young people, figures show - February 1, 2018

Public Health England has launched a new campaign in light of figures which suggest a larger proportion of younger people are suffering strokes.

Cycle crash survivor describes her experience of anosmia - January 30, 2018

A woman has described the impact of a major head injury, which resulted in a loss of her sense of smell.

One cigarette a day significantly increases risk of stroke, says study - January 25, 2018

Just one cigarette a day is enough to significantly increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, according to a new study.

Brain injury charity praises woman’s climb - January 23, 2018

A woman was inspired to scale the heights of Kilimanjaro after a good friend suffered a life-changing brain injury.

Women’s reproductive system indicative of heart disease, suggests study - January 18, 2018

Scientists have found a link between women, the reproductive system, and the risk of stroke.

Mum with MS who climbed a volcano hopes her experience will inspire others - January 16, 2018

A mum diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than a decade ago has shown her commitment to helping others living with the condition.