Pair who survived horrific roadside crash open charity shop - August 8, 2017

A married couple who previously suffered devastating brain injuries in a high-speed collision have opened a charity shop.

Strength training has protective effect on brains of people with multiple sclerosis, study finds - August 3, 2017

Resistance training – such as strength and weight training – has been shown to slow the progression of multiple sclerosis and other diseases, the Daily Mail has reported.

Warwickshire man with cerebral palsy to tackle Everest on horseback - August 1, 2017

Max Stainton, who was born with cerebral palsy, has set up the Riding Everest project which will see him climb Mount Everest on horseback.

Zebrafish “self-healing” powers may pave way for new spinal cord treatment - July 27, 2017

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh hope that a breakthrough study could pave the way for new treatments for people with spinal cord injuries, the BBC has reported.

Charity’s drive to address aspersions cast on those with brain injuries - July 25, 2017

Cases of those who have suffered serious brain injuries being accused of being drunk – and even arrested on occasion – have prompted a new initiative to protect people from unfair assumptions.

Pain “overlooked” in children with cerebral palsy, research finds - July 20, 2017

Children with cerebral palsy “often have pain that is overlooked by therapists and caregivers”, the publication Cerebral Palsy News Today has reported.

Family of man with severe brain injury welcome the outcome of court case - July 18, 2017

A football fan, who has been left with a permanent brain injury after an unprovoked attack following a game over two years ago, has been described as “a thoroughly decent man.”

Medical questionnaires could empower MS patients - July 13, 2017

Research, carried out by Imperial College and University Medical Centre Göttingen, has found that patient questionnaires could help predict future Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms and empower patients.

Specialist facility offers new hope to spinal cord injury patients - July 11, 2017

The Princess of York was recently invited to open a state-of-the-art spinal cord facility.

Brain injuries associated with risk of dementia, study claims - July 6, 2017

Traumatic brain injuries can nearly double the risk of developing dementia, a new study has claimed.