Motor Neurone Disease Charter adopted by local council

A local authority has pledged to support people with motor neurone disease as part of a charity’s nationwide awareness campaign.

North Tyneside Council, in Tyne and Wear, has agreed to sign the Motor Neurone Disease Charter. The Charter promotes the use of services such as social care, housing adaptation, and support for carers.

The scheme is led by the Champion the Charter campaign.

It aims to increase the awareness of people living with motor neurone disease, a debilitating condition which progressively weakens parts of the nervous system, leading to muscle weakness and visible wasting.

The disease affects around two in every 100,000 people in the UK.

Colin Hardy, campaigns contact volunteer for the MND Association Group, said: “North Tyneside Council’s adoption of the Charter is both inspirational and emotional, the presentation of the motion to the full council meeting embraced everything the charter stands for.

“It covered everything from raising awareness to how the council could support people living with MND. North Tyneside becomes the 55th council nationally and the fifth in the north to adopt the Charter.

“I could not have asked for anything more and I can’t thank the council enough on behalf of everyone living with MND.”

At Almond Care our staff have the specialist training required to support those living with motor neurone disease. For further information about our services, please contact us today.