Many ways to keep fit and healthy despite brain injury, says charity

Headway, the national brain injury charity, is encouraging people to keep mentally and physically active after suffering a brain injury.

It says keeping fit is not always easy while living with a brain injury, but there is support out there.

It suggests that people with brain injuries look out for the many clubs and events specifically aimed at helping people with disabilities.

Lucy Thurlow, a headway patient, was told that she may never walk again. But with “pure determination”, she now goes on assisted walks around three times a day and takes part in fitness classes.

“The best part about my recovery has been re-learning how to walk,” she said.

“I love to walk everyday now, and will never again take such things for granted.”

Lucy added: “The whole thing gave me a buzz because it was so rewarding, especially knowing I had raised money to help other brain injury survivors along the way.

“To anyone else who is thinking about exercising I would say accept the challenge. If you are offered help, you should accept it.

“Also, you must not lose your temper and get frustrated when it’s difficult. Keep smiling.”

If fitness classes aren’t your thing, there is a host of other opportunities available to you. Headway patient Sarah Whitchurch has found a new love for swimming and cycling, while others have taken up dance class Zumba or football.