Facebook technological advances could benefit LIS patients

Facebook has revealed new technology which could enable users to control a keyboard with their mind.

The trial of the prototype system, featuring a patient with locked-in syndrome (LIS), showed the user communicating eight words per minute on a digital screen.

Electrodes were implanted into the patient which enabled researchers to see neurons reacting when she imagined moving a cursor over letters on a digital keyboard screen.

Developers at the global social networking site are committed to helping LIS patients and intend on developing this groundbreaking technology to eventually operating at a level whereby users can use their brain to type 100 words per minute. To increase the speed of words, they are now working on a new approach.

Dr. Mersenich, chief scientific officer of Posit Science, said:  “Facebook has discussed using near-infrared (NIR) imaging technology” which is designed to pick out words instead of letters.

The best hope is to use modern AI [artificial intelligence] techniques – deep learning techniques – that will gradually learn to identify the patterns of brain activity for an individual person as meaning specific things.”

The technology featured on a display at Facebook’s London Engineering hub in Shoreditch earlier this year. In March, the platform also announced it has been working on other advancements including the development of pattern recognition tools to spot posts containing signs of extreme ill mental health.

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