British bodybuilder with cerebral palsy hopes to inspire others

A video of a bodybuilder with cerebral palsy performing a series of poses at a competition has taken the internet by storm.

Steve Alexy, Suffolk, who has a strong social media presence, says that he hopes to inspire others by promoting his bodybuilding successes.

The 43-year-old has already won six trophies in bodybuilding competitions across the globe – despite the fact that doctors predicted that he would never be able to walk when he was first diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child.

“I wish those doctors could see me today,” he told ABC news during a recent interview.

Mr Alexy says that he lives life by the motto, “I may have a disability, but I am not disabled” – and he hopes that his bodybuilding feats will inspire other people with disabilities to take a similar approach to chasing their dreams.

Specifically, the ambitious bodybuilder is hoping that more people with disabilities across the UK will push themselves to compete in the Organisation of Competition Bodies (OCB) contests.

A 60-second video of Mr Alexy recorded by a fan at a recent OCB event has managed to reach more than 30 million people on the internet, according to reports.

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