Teenager with Huntington’s disease lives life to the full
Almond Care April 19, 2018

A teenager with Huntington’s disease has made it her ambition to live life to the full.

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Brain injury victim backs change to disability benefits assessments
Almond Care April 17, 2018

A campaign to bring about change to the disability benefits system has been backed by an Aberdeenshire couple who underwent their own personal trauma.

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Brain injury increases “relative risk” of dementia, study confirms
Almond Care April 12, 2018

The short-term effects of a brain injury are well documented, but a new study has now suggested that those who suffer a head injury are at an increased chance of developing dementia in later life.

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Cerebral palsy patients can benefit from tailored Botox treatment
Almond Care April 10, 2018

Tailoring the dosage of Botox to help treat involuntary movements improves the effect on cerebral palsy patients. That’s according to the findings of new study.

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University uses space travel to study muscular dystrophy
Almond Care April 5, 2018

Scientists will look to space to find better treatments for people with muscle wasting diseases.

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Study finds increased risk of cerebral palsy in very premature and underweight babies
Almond Care April 3, 2018

A team of Australian researchers are reporting a link between babies who are born very premature and underweight and the risk of developing cerebral palsy or a similar motor impairment by the age of eight.

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Footballing body announces two new studies into youth ‘heading’
Almond Care March 29, 2018

UEFA, the sports body in charge of European football, has announced two new research projects into ‘heading’ in youth football.

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Risk of cerebral palsy may be possible to identify
Almond Care March 27, 2018

A new study has highlighted the possibility of detecting a risk of cerebral palsy in infants.

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Child brain injuries likely to cause ADHD in adults, suggests study
Almond Care March 22, 2018

Adults are more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) if they suffered a brain injury as a child, a new study has shown.

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Swimmer with cerebral palsy headed to world championships
Almond Care March 20, 2018

A swimmer living with cerebral palsy is hoping to go for gold when she represents Great Britain at this year’s Cerebral Palsy World Games.

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