Up to 80 per cent of strokes can be avoided, says charity
Almond Care October 19, 2017

A new report has revealed the most effective tried and tested ways people can reduce the risk of having a stroke – amid reports that the number of stroke survivors in the UK is rocketing.

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£1million payout agreed to fund Alby’s care
Almond Care October 17, 2017

A young man who was left with severe brain damage after being struck by a car a decade ago has been awarded £1million in damages.

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Man with motor neurone disease records thousands of phrases to use in later life
Almond Care October 12, 2017

A man living with motor neurone disease has recorded some 1,600 phrases which can be used after he no longer has the ability to talk.

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Woman documents her own experience of a brain injury
Almond Care October 10, 2017

A science journalist who has previously reported on the effects of brain injuries has now written about her own experience following a road traffic accident.

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3D printed brain scans help diagnose MS, say doctors
Almond Care October 5, 2017

A doctor has shown how 3D printed brain scans help medical professionals diagnose complex brain disorders – such as multiple sclerosis or a brain tumour.

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Cutting-edge technology helps Mum with Motor Neurone Disease
Almond Care October 3, 2017

Annie Allen, a mum with motor neurone disease (MND), is one of the first in the UK to explore and use voice banking, which will enable her to continue to speak with her loved ones once she starts to experience vocal difficulties.

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Woman with MS says innovative treatment “turned her life around”
Almond Care September 28, 2017

A UK woman living with multiple sclerosis (MS) has opened up about how undergoing innovative steam cell therapy has “turned her life around.”

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Teenager meets the man he owes his life
Almond Care September 26, 2017

A young stroke survivor has had an emotional meeting with the doctor who saved his life.

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New app identifies concussion with “near perfect” accuracy
Almond Care September 21, 2017

Scientists believe that a new app may be able to spot the early signs of concussion or a more serious brain injury.

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Blood pressure is increasing the risk of strokes among younger Britons
Almond Care September 19, 2017

An increasing number of younger people are at risk of suffering a stroke because of rising instances of high blood pressure.

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